What Is The Reason Spotify Not Available In All Countries?

Spotify which is a prominent and a very famous name now among the online music streaming lovers started its journey back in the year of 2006. Spotify has indeed covered a decent and a well-growing journey in the music streaming field.

Presently Spotify is the name which is competent enough to compete with the top music streaming players in the industry. It won’t be wrong to say that presently Spotify is leading the race of all online music streaming players which includes the iTunes, Sound cloud, Tidal, SHAZAM etc.

The services of Spotify is indeed best and extensive among other music streaming players. Spotify solely focuses on the music segments which includes both the audio and the video formats along with some other podcasts.

Where is Spotify Available

Where is Spotify Available

Presently Spotify is having a very vast song collection which comes from all the genre and the world’s culture, and with Spotify, the users just need to click on the song name to get going with the great quality of the music.

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the biggest platforms of music streaming which is having more than 180 million users. Yet there is another fact that the Spotify is not available across the world in all the countries and here are some of the major reasons for that.

  • Spotify is only good for the people who love music and people across the world don’t love music to that extent that they seek a separate platform for it and then pay for it.
  • Spotify is basically available to the developed or the developing countries since that is the place where Spotify can earn a reasonable amount of revenue to meet out the required maintenance charges.
  • There are some other reasons such as license and the music copyright which restricts the Spotify from reaching to certain countries.
  • Spotify free music streaming services have only the advertisement source to earn the revenue and in many countries, the advertising company are not interested in offering their advertisements.
  • Some other reasons could be related to the funds since it requires a huge amount of money to expand such a wide music streaming platform across the world.

So these are some of the major reasons which explain that why Spotify is not available worldwide yet. Spotify is, on the other hand, is gradually expanding its scale of operation, and we would see that how long it takes to reach out to the rest of the countries.

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