How Could I use Spotify or SoundCloud?

SPOTIFY these days have become one of the major media streaming player sources, which is used to stream the media online. SPOTIFY is basically a medium which facilitates the online music streaming for its users.

This platform of music streaming has been introduced by a Swedish company back in the year of 2008 and SPOTIFY has literally gained a huge popularity since then till now.

The best thing about the SPOTIFY is that it allows the users to use the SPOTIFY application on any kind of Operating systems devices be it the Windows, Android, iOS or Linux etc., which is something great about it.

There is another music streaming application under the name of Sound cloud which is also gaining a huge popularity among the users due to its free platform. There has been a constant concern from the user’s perspective, that which one should they use the SPOTIFY or the Sound cloud. Well, there are some differences between both of the platform of streaming the music online.

SPOTIFY is indeed a bigger and the professional platform of streaming the music. SPOTIFY also has a standard of offering the music with its bigger music database, and due to that SPOTIFY has both the free and the premium subscription plan to let the users stream the quality music.

While with the sound cloud it is not the case since the Sound cloud is totally free and is having somewhat having the limited music database for the users and also the quality of the music with Sound cloud doesn’t match to the SPOTIFY.

Further, the SPOTIFY also has the far better music navigation than the Sound cloud and there are some extra advanced features with the SPOTIFY which makes the music streaming a more enjoyable. Sound cloud is a free platform and due to that, it is not suited to those who want a music streaming with some class and standard.

SPOTIFY fits just perfectly with all the demands of the music lovers and it doesn’t have that much costly subscription plan either. Hence what I feel is that if you are a serious music lover, and want a bigger platform of music with some quality and class then you should choose SPOTIFY over Sound cloud.

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