Spotify Confirm That a User Registers For “Premium Student Discount”?

SPOTIFY is an online and offline media streaming player which offers its users the access to the very wide content of media music across the culture of the worlds. In the present time, SPOTIFY is the world’s biggest platform for the music streaming content offering.

This platform has been built and introduced by a Swedish company under the name of SPOTIFY technology and the platform was first launched in the year of 2008.

Spotify Premium Student Discount

We know that SPOTIFY offers its music streaming content category both at the free and on the premium subscriptions as well. Premium services undoubtedly offer good media music content base and the advanced features as well.

Spotify Premium Student Discount

SPOTIFY offers the premium subscription services at the free of cost and in some cases at the discount price as a scholarship base to the students who are pursuing their graduation from the United States.

Today in this article we would talk about the algorithm which SPOTIFY uses to confirm that a particular student is indeed a student and is worth availing the discount offers of the SPOTIFY premium subscriptions plans.

How To Get Spotify Student Discount

Well, the answer to this interesting question is very simple and that is SPOTIFY basically uses a third party service in this regard which is known as the Sheer ID. It enables the SPOTIFY to get to know the student’s enrolment with the concerned colleges along with the other details.

How To Get Spotify Student Discount

Keep in mind the Sheer ID picks the federal government records to fetch the most accurate information regarding the students and their colleges. With the Sheer ID, it is believed to check the identity of the 21 Million students who are studying across the United States and in the rest of the world.

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