Can I Get The Spotify Premium For Free If I am a Student?

Spotify is an online media streaming music services by the platform or application of Spotify. Spotify has been developed by a Swedish company which is having its headquarters in Stockholm. Spotify basically contains the collection of millions of the media music category across the culture of the world. The media collection of Spotify includes audio music, video music and the podcasts as well.

Spotify is presently offering its media streaming services in the 65 regions which include the continent of mostly Europe, America, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the most parts of Asia such as China, India etc.

How To Get Spotify Student Discount

Spotify media streaming services have been made available to the users at both free and the premium subscription charges. The free services include the limited collection of music which is further interrupted by the advertisements.

While with the premium subscription the users get access to the unlimited category of millions of the song which come fully free of the advertisement and users also get some of the additional features related to the music streaming.

There are the Spotify users who have been asking that how the Spotify premium discount for the students can be availed. Well yes, Spotify does offer the discounted premium subscription for the students, who are pursuing their graduation from the country where the Spotify has offered this discounted offer.

Keep in mind that the student can avail the 50% discount on the premium subscriptions of the Spotify and in order to do that the concerned students need to go to the official website of the Spotify. There the Students will see the students section, clicking on there the Students will be required to submit few details about the credentials or the education details about him/herself.

Once the details are submitted by the students, Spotify will check the same with the Sheer ID students database, and if the Student’s identity and other details are found to be real, then the Students will be granted for the 50% of the discount on premium subscription.

This premium subscription will remain validated for the one year of time which can be further renewed unless the student completes the graduation from the concerned college.

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