Spotify or Netflix Type Service For eBooks?

A Spotify is basically a platform where the users can have access to the wide variety of all kind of songs across the world from the different cultures. Spotify is famous at present and is widely used over 160 million people around the world.

The reason behind having such a wide customer base is the service of the Spotify which lets the user having access to their desired songs just at the command of a single click.

Similarly, if we talk about the Netflix then it is another similar platform which offers the users with the coverage of on-demand movie collection and presently having the major proportion of the non-major and some of the TV serials connection.

If we analyze both of this platform then they are basically serving a common purpose and that is the purpose of ease which the users get when they get to have their favourite song or the movie just at their demand.

What if we wish for the same platform in the context of having a book collection? Well, it surely doesn’t sound bad as a field of some innovation since it is quite required to seine the present scenario of book catalogue.

Presently the system of both publishing a book and making it available for the users is very void and tiresome which only requires the money by the publishing agents in between. We are living in a digital era where almost everything is made available online and with an utmost ease.

Hence if we aspire for the Spotify and the NETFLIX alike in the context of digital books availability it won’t be a bad choice. In fact, there are already 2 platforms, which are already working in this domain. Yes, we are talking about the SCRIBD and the Amazon’s Kindle both are offering the digital books to the users right at their demand.

The scale of operations of both this platform is comparatively not that bigger as it should be to meet out the comparison gap with the Spotify and the Netflix. It will take some more years and we would hopefully seeĀ coming to some more players in this domain to give us an online platform of the digital books, where we can have to the unlimited books database in no time.

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