How To Find The Reason is Spotify Not Available In Your Countries?

The problem faced while using Spotify is the Spotify is not available in all countries. There are some restrictions on content or albums in some countries. All the content is not available for all the countries. Content or mostly Indies content has been licensed worldwide but is not available in some countries that are not licensed by these countries.

Copyright is the main issue for this problem. The content is not copyright or subscription fee is not paid by every country. The countries which provide subscription fee the content or copyright is provided to those countries. Most of the local people are not interested to pay a subscription fee or charges which results Spotify facility for music listeners is not provided to that country.

Many ads’ starts while playing music on the music services like iTunes, Google Play, DEEZER, FM, Allmusic etc. which becomes the major source of money and able to provide the content World Wide even on other countries. The Spotify lacks on this basis and gets a restriction in some countries.

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