Spotify++ Download iOS 10

Hello, everyone! There is a great news for the iOS 10 users who want to enjoy the most amazing features of Spotify + + in their devices and that too for free. Today, we are going to discuss how to get Spotify + + Download for Free on iOS 10 [Latest].  The users will get this Spotify ++ Download in their iOS devices without even paying a single amount for it. It seems very interesting to get something for free but there are many users who are not aware about what exactly Spotify is all about and due to this, they cannot able use every feature of the app. so, firstly, let’s discuss about what is Spotify and how it works in order to make everyone aware about the same.

Spotify premium ios Spotify++ Download iOS 10

The Spotify is considered as one of the most popular and famous music streaming service worldwide and the user can easily play the music in their smart phones by using this app and there are millions of songs which gives the users the access at any time and at anywhere. Therefore, it is a music, video streaming and podcast streaming service which is one of the best music streaming app which is available at Google Play Music and Apple Music.

Thus, there are two versions of this app and the iOS users will get the app by choosing one of the version out of these two. The two versions of this Spotify app are as follows:

  • The first one is the free version of Spotify.
  • The second one is the premium version of spotify and the users have to pay for this version.

Therefore, the difference between these two versions is that if the users will opt the first version which is free then, they will get annoyed by the advertisements that will started playing between the songs which will be very disturbing for the users. With the ads, this version has different limits like the user cannot able to listen the songs when they are offline and the users will not be able make the selection of their favorite songs which they can play it at times and if the users want to remove the ads on this Spotify + + app then, they had to subscribe the Premium version of the Spotify + + for which the users need to pay and they need to pay $9.99 every month. so, I personally recommend every user and they should know the process of how to get Spotify + + Premium free iOS devices and play the music of their choice without any disturbances.

How to Get Spotify ++

Now, everything regarding the Spotify + + version of the app is clear to the users as we have shared every relevant information regarding this app for the iOS 10 users which will help them to make the get the overview of the application and now the users will have the basic information of this app which will help them to understand the proper method for downloading the app in their iOS 10 device. Now, let’s have a look at the different methods of downloading the Spotify + + app which is given below.

How to Download Spotify + + for Free on iOS 10 [Latest]

There are two different methods for the iOS 10 users for downloading the Spotify + + app. the two ways are given as follows:

  • Spotify + + from Tutu App, and
  • Cydia Impactor

These are the two methods through which the users can download Spotify + + free iOS 10 without using the Jailbreak. Generally, the Jailbreak is necessary for the iOS users when they are installing these kind of applications in their devices but if they will use these two methods for downloading this app then, they can download the Spotify + + with no jailbreak.

Now, before proceeding further, let’s have a look at the things that the users will required for downloading this app in their devices. there are some of the prerequisites for the users which they must have them. They do not requires each and every device which is mentioned over here but they need to select the things according to their wish which are given below. Now, let’s have a look at the prerequisites which are given below.

  • An iPhone
  • An iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 10 – 10.33 (the users can opt a single device out of these which are available).
  • An internet connection
  • A computer (it is optional)

Now, after collecting the things which are required for downloading this app ( Spotify + + ), the users need to follow any of the one method out of the two methods which are given below.

1: Download Spotify ++ by using Tutu App

The first method for downloading the Spotify + + on the latest version of iOS device 10 with no Jailbreak. The users need to go through the every step very carefully so that they can download the Spotify + + app easily in their iOS 10 devices (spotify tweak ios 10 ). Now, look at the following steps which are given as follows.

Step 1: First of all, the users need to open the Safari in their devices.

Step 2: Then, after opening Safari, they need to go to the official website of the Tutu App. the URL of which is given below:

Step 3: Then, after going on the official website of Tutu App, the user needs to download the Tutu App on their iOS 10 devices.

Step 4: After doing this much, the user will have to open the Tutu App in their devices, once the app will get downloaded in their device.

Step 5: Now, the users need to go to the Search option and write Spotify + + in the Search Bar.

Step 6: Then, after searching about the Spotify + + , the users need to tap on the option that says Spotify + + in order to download it in their iOS 10 devices and then, they need to tap on the option that says Get It free in order to download the app for free.

Step 7: When the user have done this much, then the Spotify + + app will be downloaded in the users device and then, they will get a confirmation message for installing the app.

Step 8: Then, the user needs to make a click on the option that says Install in order to install the Spotify + + app in their iOS 10 devices.

Step 9: Once, the user will click on the install option, the Spotify+ + iOS app will be installed in the users iOS 10 devices but, when the user will try to get the access to it then, they will receive the error in the users profile.

Note: If the users already have installed any of the app from the Tutu App, then they won’t be able to make a new profile with the similar details.

Step 10: Now, the users have to go to the option that says Settings again.

Step 11: Then, the users need to go to the option that says General.

Step 12: After this, the users need to go to the option that says Profile.

Step 13: Then after this, the user needs to go to the option which says Profile Name.

Step 14: then, at last the users need to go the option that says Trust.

Step 15: After doing these things, the user now needs to open the Spotify + + from the Home screen of their device in order to enjoy the Premium version of the Spotify + + app in their iOS 10 devices.

2: Download Spotify + + by using the Cydia Impactor

Another method for downloading the Spotify + + in the iOS 10 devices is by using the Cydia Impactor through which the user can easily able to download Spotify + + app without the Jailbreak. As we all know that the Spotify + + premium free IOS for the free app is not available in the app store of iPhone and iPad and there is the third party developer for doing the same. So, let’s have a look at the same.

Install Spotify ++ No computer No Jailbreak Free IOS

How to get the Spotify + + Premium for Free  on iPhone

This is one of the easiest methods to get the Spotify + + version installed in the iOS devices. therefore, the users need to make sure that they do not need to install any other additional applications and use the computers as well.

If the device of the user is jailbroken then, Cydia Tweak which is named as Cydia extender aims at signing the iPA of the applications automatically. Now, they need to install this tweak and the users can make it work on their own.

However, we have shared each and every relevant information for downloading the Spotify + + app in the iOS 10 devices and if the users have any issues in downloading it then, they can ask about it through the comments and we will be great ful to help you.