Difference In Sound Quality Between Spotify and Spotify Premium?

We know that Spotify offers its music streaming services both at the premium and also at free of cost. There are obviously some differences between the paid premium and the free services of the Spotify, and one of the major difference is the quality of sound.

Yes when one is appreciating their favourite music the quality of sound is something which matters the most, and this is why it is the concern of many Spotify users to figure out the difference of Spotify premium and the free membership music sound quality.

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Any music is driven by the bit rate at the quality aspect since bitrate is something which can make one music sounds more appealing, and soothing to the ears in the compare of the music which is having the low bit rate.

The same thing is applicable with the Spotify music, and when you listen to both the quality of the music one from the premium services and other from the free services you would certainly figure out the difference on your own.

Generally, there are categories of music bit rates which may start from as low as 24kbps and reach over the 320 kbps. A music with a bit rate of 192 and 256 is considered to be an average quality of the music, while any bit rate beyond 320 kbps is something which is a very decent class of music.

If you are using the Spotify free music streaming services you will get the music quality with the bit rate of 96 kbps to 160 kbps which is lower than the average class of music and hence you get the same kind of listening experience.

While if you are going for the Spotify premium you would get the 320 kbps quality of the music which is indeed differentiated from the Spotify free music streaming class.

So, this comparison can actually make you feel the difference in music quality between the Spotify premium and the Spotify free music streaming quality.

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