Is There Any Way To Download Music From Spotify?

As we know that Spotify is just like a bay of all music lovers, where all the music lovers come to access their favourite media content.

We know that Spotify lets its users stream the wide content of music category, and being a hard-core music lover some of the music lovers want to download their favourite music so that they can listen to it in the offline mode.

Here in this article, we are here to address the concern of all such users who want to know that whether they can download the music from the Spotify.

Well for all those users the good news is that they can download their favourite music on Spotify, but there is a prerequisite to that, which is that the users must have the Spotify subscription plan in order to download the Spotify music.

Follow this step by step guide to download the music

  • Go to your Spotify music streaming application.
  • Login to your Spotify account in case you are not logged in.
  • After logging in go to the library in the home page of the Spotify.
  • There click on the playlist whose songs you want to download.
  • Now click on the grey switch icon and after clicking on it, it will turn into the green which signifies that the songs are being downloaded in the Spotify application.
  • Once the song is finished downloading it will have the downward side error towards the right.

Now the song is downloaded in the Spotify application, and this song can listen even without the Internet connection. We hope that this tutorial guide will help you in this regard.

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