How Did You Spotify Get Started?

If you are Spotify users or in interested in trying your hands on it to give some beats to your ears then you must have wondered that how did actually Spotify get started? Since this is a very valid and the interesting question, which the users tend to wonder about. Here we are telling you some facts about how did the Spotify actually came into the existence.

Spotify is basically the creation of the two people’s innovative mindset who tend to conceive an idea of offering an advertisement free music services which can offer the music lovers all their favourite song just at the single click. These two people were Daniel EK and Martin LORENTZON who met each other in the year 2005.

The idea of Spotify hit the mind of the duo when they were looking for the media of the Ek’s computer system, and they couldn’t find an adequate source of media over the Internet. This is when they planned to create their own source of music.

The name Spotify came to their mind when the LORENTZON was actually shouting on the Daniel EK for some reason and the Daniel EK misheard it to sound as the SPOTIFY. So, this is how and when the name of Spotify came into the existence out of a mere coincidence.

Later the Spotify was launched in the year of 2008 and it indeed obtained the significant positive response of the users. MARK ZUCKERBURG was the first celebrity and the Entrepreneur who praised the Spotify and became its official fan.

So that was the day and today is the day there is no backlog for the Spotify. It is growing day and night and presently Spotify is having the 180 million users out of which 83 million are the paid users which are literally a huge amount of subscription.

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