Get Spotify Premium Student Discount For Free? 

SPOTIFY is a very famous music media streaming application which offers its users a very wide variety of the music from all the genre of the music. This is the reason that why SPOTIFY is having such a wider base of its customers.

With SPOTIFY the users need only one music application in order to play their favourite kind of music just at the single click.

SPOTIFY offers its music services both at the free of cost and also at the premium subscription. With the free services, the users get the basic music streaming capabilities along with the interrupting advertisement which really bothers the users.

On the other hand with the premium subscription, the users get the music streaming capabilities without any kind of advertisement and along with some extra advanced features.

SPOTIFY recently launched a free premium subscription policy which has been extended only to the students who are studying in the United States.

So, if you are a music lover and also a graduate pursuant, then you should surely go for this free policy. Here is how you can apply for this scheme of SPOTIFY.

Spotify Premium

You just need to sign up for the SPOTIFY application through the student portal of the SPOTIFY. There you will be required to fill up your details such as your name, college name, country name etc.

SPOTIFY will check your credentials and if you are found to be the genuine student as per your provided details then SPOTIFY will grant you with the stipulated discount. With this discount, the students will be able to avail the premium music services of the SPOTIFY which is without any kind of advertisement.

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