Does It Mean When a Song is Explicit On Spotify?

If you are a regular Spotify user then you must have encountered a Spotify playlist, where any of the songs may appear as the explicit and seeing that explicit tag many of the users start wondering that what does that explicit tag mean?

Well, here in this article we are going to talk about the same aspect of a song is explicit and what it could mean to you.

A song is tagged as explicit on Spotify due to the following reasons

  • When the song contains some kind of profanity, which is not suitable for the kids or other class of people who tend to stay away from such stuff.
  • The song’s lyrics may be sort of which promotes an unconventional or unethical kind of culture such as sex or drugs related discussion.
  • The song further may contain some kind of violence-promoting stuff which may be related to some of the sensitive subjects such as politics etc.
  • The song may contain the abusive language which may be further triggered by the racism or it may showcase the behaviour which is not considered to be appropriate.

It is advisable to all the Spotify users that whenever they encounter any song with explicit content they should keep away the kids from such content. The better choice is to report the song and then get it blocked from the Spotify music database.

Spotify is always working on removing such songs from their database, yet there may remain some songs which should be appreciated at the discretion of the listeners.

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