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Spotify Music Premium Application: Are you a fan of music and looking for Spotify Premium APK Download and still unable to find a page on which you get satisfaction according to your search then, we are with you and we really love to help you.

How to Get Spotify Premium APK

The questions that might arise in your mind might be “How much does Spotify Premium cost”  and “Will there be any discount on Spotify Premium”?

There are different sites available on the Internet where any person can easily visit and easily access these music services online that tends to make the music experience much better and efficient in all possible ways.

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  • These sites have adapted to new and latest techniques, that anyone who wants to buy or purchase music prefer visiting these sites and company ensures that these techniques help in increasing their users in large number.

But among all, the particular streaming service app which is taking the edge out of all other streaming applications, and this application is known as Spotify. This company is providing services for mobiles in a different operating system as well as for Desktop also.   The reason for their popularity is the services and various features provided by them to the users.The streaming service of Spotify is best according to my personal opinion which I felt after using different streaming applications, and also you can do a lot more in Spotify which makes it best among all. Up to now, we were discussing the overview of Spotify, moving further and let’s discuss the features of Spotify.

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Benefits of Spotify Premium Subscription

Some benefits of Spotify Premium are listed below :

  • If someone purchases music streaming every month then Spotify is an excellent option. When you sign up for Spotify Premium, you get the first-month service for free and after the first month is over, you’ll have to pay $9.99 per month.
  • Another advantage of Spotify Premium is you can use still play songs because of offline playback option with a high quality of audio.

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Other Benefits

The basic subscription pack of Spotify only gives you an idea on how Spotify works and some of their features but when you pay them for the services, every feature is unlocked and you will be able to enjoy the Spotify full version and it’s all features, which have various advantages if compared to the other leading apps out there for streaming.

You might have wonder why the Spotify collection is so huge, the Spotify tends to pay the artists as per the number of streams their song gets. Depending on what they’re paid and each of the artists that have tied up with Spotify they have a different agreement which cannot be altered in any way depending on the files and regulations of the company.

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  • Most of the artist who wants to debut prefer this platform as Spotify has over 100 million people who are active and are in constant search and grasp for a new opportunity.
  • There is a specific payment pattern that each one of the artists gets by Spotify according to the performance of their submissions.
  • Even though it has so many millions of users all over the world using it, still it won’t affect on the streaming quality.

Features of Spotify Premium Application

The company is entirely dependent on the people and the famous artist who has huge fans following, as people are interested in getting all the services to listen to the music of their favorite artists and people run behind the currently trending and ongoing latest famous song that everyone desires to get. This helps in increasing the sales and also allow people to get more of what they would even prefer.

Spotify Premium Apk Download

It is the key features of Spotify that they have a lot better sound quality of music which is always at 320 kbits/s which is only available in the premium subscription package for which you needs to pay the subscription price to open all the features and remove all sorts of advertising ads and makes the app faster and better.

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The main reason why people opt to upgrade to the Spotify premium subscription is that there are multiple and different new features that each one wants to get, use them and it also gives the power to the individual to get the latest and the trending tracks as of now in their devices and able to listen to them.

The premium package of Spotify is so smooth and efficient that anyone who uses it will eventually just fall in love with this application due to its simple user interface and easy to use. As the app is designed to get the best out of it by making its user interface simpler and also ensures that you are able to get most of the music world and can access every feature under this subscription. But then if you look at the basic subscription package there is much difference that let you use fewer features for free but with the ads in between the songs.

How to Get Spotify Premium App for Free

The Spotify app lets you use all the features in one single application that you can get for free but for a particular duration of time. There are different several other sites which let you download the APK version of this app and use it straight forward after downloading. There are the Several Steps which need to follow to download the Spotify App :

  • The best way that you can get the app is through the official app stores accordingly as provided by the operating system provided in the app store, you can download the app from the links given below.
  • You can also get the app for free without even paying anything from different sites available on the web.

Download Spotify Premium Apk for Android

Download Spotify Premium App for iOS

Download Spotify Premium App for Windows

Spotify Premium for Students

Spotify Application has provided a huge discount especially for students i.e. under the banner of Spotify Student Discount. The good news for the Students is that Spotify offers 50% off only at $4.99 for students on Premium Subscription. College Students/ School Students have to submit the student identity card to avail this discount, if you’re currently enrolled in an accredited college or university, then you can apply for the discount else not. If your institute doesn’t appear on the list, that means you’re not eligible for the discount.

How to Install Spotify Premium Apk on Android

If you get some error saying that the app isn’t available for your country then, in that case, you can use the VPN and ensure that everything is proper and nothing goes wrong, then you’ll be able to download the Spotify app.

    • Just download the APK file, then you just install it.
    • If the problem arises in installing a pop-up message appears showing app from unknown source, then just go to setting and opt the option to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed on your phone.

So, Here is the Video tutorial, you can go through the Video tutorial How to Install a Spotify Premium Application on Android Phone:

  • Once an app is installed you can enjoy the music and get all the updates.

But if you are having any problem in understanding then you can watch a video tutorial that might help you show how you can download and install the app. You just have to follow the steps and have the app on your phone without any problem.

Key Features of Spotify Premium Application

Let’s take a look at the key features of the app and how they are different from others. Well, this app allows you to download the music for free and no ads in between. Hence, there is no disturbance in between the songs giving a smooth and free flow of songs.

  • You can Download the music in the app and listen to them in the offline mode and you’ll be able to listen to the music even when there is no internet connection.

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There are a lot of music sites available on the internet that let you hear and download the music for free. But when these free sites are being shut down, some music streaming sites have enhanced their way that each one might look for the world of music, where Spotify is one of the best streaming service provider and is among the best streaming sites.

  • Spotify is a streaming site that lets you stream your favorite music, podcast, and video for free for one month after that it is paid as per the plan that you can choose accordingly and get all the new tracks on your device.

Spotify was launched on October 2, 2008. The site was designed and developed by Spotify AB in Stockholm. The uses of Spotify are limitless but this site lets an individual access limited features for free, without any charges but the user can get more features for a subscription charge. But Spotify streaming service is not available out there for every country. It is available only for few selected nations where this app can be downloaded and use the app.

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  • Spotify is available in the countries of Europe, most parts of America, Australia, New Zealand and in few parts of Asia.
  • They keep their services quality high in the regions which were covered first and in the near future, they might think of expanding their services in other regions which are not covered yet.
  • The services vary from technology to technology, ranging from Windows to Linux or MacOS.
  • Listening music on Spotify is easy and doesn’t require any additional information to get to the content that you want to listen, you just need to search that particular song which you want to listen.
  • You can also search and browse under different categories such as artist, songs or albums which make your experience soothing.

How to use Spotify Premium For FREE

So, Here is the Video tutorial, you can go through the Video tutorial How to Use a Spotify Premium Application on Android Phone:


Brief Description About Spotify Music

All of the things that are mentioned above can be heard through CD’s or MP3 players which might give you a brief idea, as well as wider experience.

  • The music has its own culture and united by diversity.
  • Music can be used in an art form like it can be a kind of religious content which can be used to offer prayers to their respective Lord.
  • It can be a form of entertainment to some people for having fun.
  • Music can also be used in any particular function that can be either a marriage or a ceremony and many more other forms.

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Music can also be a professional way to live life like composers and artists who have not only enhanced the way that people listen to music but also given something more to the community.

Speaking of artists and composers, they have a way of income through music, but the music was intentionally made to give people a soothing and a calm atmosphere in each one’s life. Hence, an era of music business arrived through which an individual can choose any form of genre and make most out of it by making music their way of living by composition, singing for the people of the world to listen to their songs and go crazy. Hence let’s take a further look into how this came into existence.

Business of Music through Spotify Premium

The music industry is booming all over the world and with a whole lot of other things that are making it the best occupation. Industry looks for talent and other various sorts of abilities that could make one shine and ensure that each one had the ability to shine and rise as well. But the growth and increase of an artist are completely dependent on the quality of music and sales of it that make an individual go high and ensure the success changing one’s life completely.

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  • The production of a single song comprises of a lot of people who ensure that each and everything goes planned and making it the best of what they have to offer.
  • Every country has different artists and their teams. Making it diverse and giving the people a lot of choices from which they can select from and enhance their experience as well.
  • The music industry consists of composers who write the song.
  • Music Producers write, produce, arrange and record the songs, it varies as sometimes they shape the sound of another’s artist album or creating songs for their own project.

Their record labels are more or less independent or a subsidiary of a large company that might be famous or growing to be even better. But selling comes down to the artists as to where they want their music to get out the form and how they prefer their music to be a market and sold to the public as well.

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Earlier Season of Spotify Premium Music

In the early 2000’s use of MP3 players was much more as it could store a lot many songs and play them, people used to buy them once and were able to listen to those songs again and again until device being gone to non-working state. Before that CDs were more popular, as it was a medium through which people were able to store their favorite artist’s songs but then the decline begins of CD’s after the arrival of MP3 players in the market because mp3 devices were able to store much more songs than CD’s.

  • The major issues which production company faced were that people who purchased the records, start selling those record under their name causing a lot of loss as well as a decline in the know of a rise of artists who were worked.
  • To come over the above problem, certain laws were passed like one of them is known as copyright laws to artists and have the exclusive right to sell their copies of their work.

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The copyright laws are different and vary from country to country. Some country gives a lot of Importance to this law. In the present day scenarios, copyrights are very efficient and helpful in reducing the fakes that might come out there. They also deal strictly with those who might interfere with the laws of copyright.

Since Copyright came into effect many of the companies who produce music have their name on their music and making sure that the work they have done is all theirs and no one can copy them in any way. But music industry growth was too rapid and ever since the intern became a global sensation for people all across the globe to use it as a mode of business as well. Hence, paved the way to a revolution of music in a whole different way.

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Major Factor of Growing Music Better And Efficient

The Internet has drastically changed everything that a person could ever want or dream of having it as a medium for people to share their stuff and get the different opinions of them as well. The way it grew was through their streaming content on various sites and many of the companies started publishing their work on them as well making it easy and secure for business to grow at rapid rate. But what makes the internet so damn popular is that it can be flexible to anyone’s liking and also have the ability for each one to access any number of sites to search their music and songs.

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  • This allows the music composers to know exactly where they need to launch their new music and sell it to improve their business.
  • The other major factor that made it so economical was that it gave people various choices and attributes through which each one could adapt and also enhance their ways of making their taste in music much better and efficient.
  • Internet was the major reason behind the revolution in the music industry, Internet impact and its influence have covered the music industry entirely.
  • It paved the way for the social media networking sites growth and made easy for music artists to increase their fame and increase their income.
  • Making it convenient for everyone to get benefit in every possible way.
  • There are many people who want to have something different in music which led to a rise of the remix version of music and Internet played an important role and ensured that it reaches to everyone who was interested in the music and have a taste of punk.
  • There are many different social media sites that tend to make much more difference.
  • There are many sites available on the internet, which are entirely based upon the selling of different kinds of music from all record labels which made easier for the people to go on to those sites and get the most out of it.

    How to get Spotify Premium Free

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Revenue Model of Spotify

In December 2013, the company launched a new website, “Spotify for Artists”, which helped artists in understanding the business model and revenue data. Spotify gets its most of the content from major record labels as well as independent artists and pays them copyright royalties for their music.

The company pays 70% of its total revenue to their rights holders. Spotify for Artists states that the company does not have a fixed per-play rate, instead they consider factors such as the user’s home country and the individual artist’s royalty rate. Rights holders received an average per-play pay out between $.006 and $.0084.

Spotify gives an unlimited enjoying package, close to the Open Music Model known as OMM for the recording industry. However, the incorporation of digital rights management (DRM) protection is different from the OMM and their competitors such as iTunes Store and Amazon Music that have dropped DRM.

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People pay for the music by buying a subscription, as subscriptions are their main revenue source. The subscription removes advertisements, unlocks more features and increases song bit rate to 320 Kbit/s.

The Spotify for Artists website claims that “a Spotify Premium customer spends 1.6x more per year as compared to the average spending of a U.S. music consumer who buys music (not including those who spend $0 on music)”, with the annual value of the average U.S. paying listener identified as $120. The website also claims that “a Spotify customer is 1.6x more financially valuable than the average adult non-Spotify U.S. music consumer.

Additionally, the website also includes a section entitled “Spotify’s impact on piracy” as a response to the criticisms against the company regarding the exploitation of musicians.

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Spotify has proven the theory which says that ‘Given a free and legal alternative, people will pirate less’, while Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the United States, Netherlands and the United Kingdom are being used by Spotify to provide evidence.

For example, you can see the decline in Norway, the figure of 1.2 billion unauthorized song downloads in 2008 as compared to figure of 210 million from 2012.

So, you can Download this Spotify Premium App from here itself and enjoy listening music with this wonderful android application.